Elgar Concert Update (final) (26.Jan.2017)

I’ve got some personal note for you on the last concert at Cafe Montage (Saturday 21st January) which some of you may already know about.
The concert was attended by 54 people which was far and above my expectation (the spots being limited upto 40 maximum initially), thanks to the cooperation of the owner, loyal music fans and some of my most gratifying advocates.


We performed Bach’s Sonata for violin and harpsichord (replaced by the piano) in G major BWV1019 and Elgar’s Sonata for piano and violin in E minor Op.84.
 The unsparing reviews and feedbacks were also pleasantly raving, and they seemed to love the performance tremendously. For a few of them, not only did they like the sound we were making but they also appreciated that it was MY own aesthetic judgements and interpretation that stood behind everything we did throughout the programme as the backbone.
To me personally, this was the most important. I always like doing things my way followed by innumerable research/experiments and have always sought for the methodologies to influence others effectively so that they will become capable of encountering new revelations and thus eventually or immediately adapting to the most suitable manner of projecting musical thoughts. That, however, is not at all easy since my approach to music is very, very different and what I trully ideally wish does not exist. Therefore it would not be possible without continuous patience and strong conviction. But enduring the aforementioned process and then reaching the culmination with the purpose achieved is the most precious gift I believe I can ever receive, and in the concert of last Saturday I think we just reconfirmed its infinite possibility.
More info on the next projects coming soon,