La Folle Journée de 2017 (29.Apr.2017)

Happy Saturday!

In these blog posts what I generally talk about is things like musical analysis, life of musicians, philosophical insights and aspirations etc…
but today’s post has to be very snappy.
With April approaching right around the corner, there is also something that is drawing near to a close.


This is a 3-day big event which takes place each year in all areas within the Biwako-Hall, showcasing a variety of artists and works upon a particular theme (this year’s is La Danse) which you can find out more here ===>
Many of the musicians I know have taken part in this big series so far, and the projects are firmly sponsored by a lot of big-name corporations across the country.
They say it’s always packed with audiences (in some performances it counted well over a couple hundreds!), many of who’re there dining at the restaurant, watching the lake across the glass, and enjoying outdoor and indoor events/concerts.

And tomorrow is the last day.
There’ll be a concert all-day long given by several musicians, and I’ll be playing Mozart duets K423 with a violist Mai Yoneda at 3 pm behind the sunny lake of beautiful Biwako.
It’s completely open to the public of all age, admission free.
Plus, it’s Sunday tomorrow – that means there’ll be one hell of a party, sharing and connecting,
and…drinking. Possibly.
Whether we see you there or not, have a wonderful Sunday!
Here’s to you 🙂
HM —-> gone