“Vienna Music Festival” (18.May.2017)

It’s finally here!

====> http://www.cafe-montage.com/prg/170618.html

How long we waited to get this little musical festival out to the world!
Here’s what happened:
A couple of months ago, the manager of Cafe Montage and I were discussing future projects. At the time, I had suggested to him that it would be a fascinating idea to gather the repertoire exclusively concentrated on Viennese music because,
1. there’s something very unique about Vienna in its culture and mannerism, and yet most of us who don’t get to travel can have no more access to it than throughout documentaries or New Year’s concerts on TV, and I think it is a real pity. And,
2. I find a lot of commonalities between Kyoto and Vienna. Right now people may feel that these two seem far from one another, but by analyzing and studying the art we’ll also learn a lot about each other’s life and be able to realize that we’re in fact really alike.
Join us and explore Vienna on a musical excursion – spots are limited and will fill up fast, don’t miss it! The music festival takes place June 8th – July 1st,2017.
And so more and more ideas came about and they expanded to other interests related to Vienna, finally getting as far as to set up a month-long intensive Viennese program cycle.
This is a single greatest opportunity for those who wish to take on a breathtaking journey to explore and have an inside look at Vienna’s life and art – the city which has, as they say, thrived as “the musical & artistic capital of the world” for many centuries.
By the time this festival is over, it will dramatically transform the way you see Vienna. You’ll feel more connected to the city and might even strike up some tour to experience all yourself!
But let’s just start from here: Book your spot for the Vienna concert June 18th 2017!
The link above will provide you with more details about the performance.
Please remember: We only have 40 spots max for the concert and it’ll start in less than a month now. And as much as we’d love to repeat this sort of thing, it most likely won’t happen again, so ensure you don’t miss it and wish you were there!
That’s all for now.