Greetings (27.Jun.2017)

Good morning!

A hot, steamy sun shines through everywhere as I’m writing today outdoor from a beautiful market street in Budapest.
I’ve arrived here on Sunday after a good 20-hour flight plus a hectic journey by bus and the underground train, and today’s the 3rd day for me to transpose into the Hungarian atmosphere. (Not to mention this place located in a rather secluded area of the city I’m proud that I’ve reached here without the help of anyone for directions or my heavy luggages 🙂 )
A nightview of the Dabube from the Palace
I’m greatly honored to have the opportunity to meet and work with the Danube Symphony Orchestra here in Budapest for the next few days along with other international soloists who’re part of this programme.
Currently I’m learning the Dvořàk Violin Concerto to perform in a concert at the Danube Palace next week, and we’ll likely start rehearsals with the DSO from the weekend.
So yes, everything is going fantastically as I hoped.
The only downside is that learning Hungarian would not be particularly the smartest thing to do here.
This is all I can say at this moment.
More updates (stories, photos, etc) will follow.